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Shining Light

Dedicated by Monique B Cannon

Cable: 36, Level: 127, Light: 2795

To My Grandmother-(Nanie) & My Amazing Mommy; the best women I?ve ever known. I?m beyond blessed to share the same bloodline of our Native American roots. I?m grateful for the ?unconditional love ?you?ve both given me. Only now do I understand how Blessed ?? I?ve been. The life I lead today is because you. Both of you, took a leap of faith and came to the Bay Area. Through hard work and sacrifice, created a life here. It?s hard not to get emotional thinking of all the fun family experiences in the car crossing the bridge. Nanie ?I love you?and I miss you everyday. Sometimes I can?t breathe at the thought of not kissing?your cheeks and having the best conversations only your wisdom would allow. I am grateful to God for allowing me 34 years with you. Mommy, thank you for everything, and I mean everything?. I?m grateful for every moment we share together. It?s been a hard, but we will get through this as a family. This year is about healing & happiness. I love you so much;?Happy Birthday? MoMo~