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Shining Light

Dedicated by Chris Henderson

Cable: 103, Level: 90, Light: 7593

In loving memory of my Dad Ken Henderson..I would like to THANK YOU for all the things you have done for me since day one.  You were always there when there was a problem.  When there was a problem you helped me as much as you were able to.  Even if it was just a telephone call to see how I was, you were there. With everything that you have been through out the years, you have made it through.  I LOVE YOU FOR EVER, and I will cherish everything that we have shared, as in, our laughs, our talking, and especially our last year. You are in Good Hands now.  You are with Family, you will not be suffering, or have to worry about tomorrow. I can say for myself and that I am Extremely Proud to have you as my FATHER, HERO, Veteran and my BEST FRIEND.